Motherboard Supports AMD CPU

Motherboard KM400-M2 supports AMD Athlon XP / Sempron / Athlon / Duron Processors


Its 462-pin socket accomodates AMD K7 CPUs and supports system bus (FSB) of 333/266/200MHZ.

The KM400 Northbridge and VT8237 Southbridge chipset are based on an innivative and scaleable architecture with proven reliability and performance.

Memory type of DDR333/266/200 SDRAM accomodates two unbuffered 2.5V 184-pin slots with 2GB memory capacity.

Graphics: 64/32/16MB frame buffer using system memory – 128bit 2D/3D graphic Engine – High Quality DVD Video Playback.

Audio: 16 -bit stereo compliant with AC’97 v2.3 specs.

Expansion slots: One AGP 3.0 – Three 32-bit PCI v2.2 – Two 40 pin IDE – One Floppy interface – Two 7pin Sata – A Communication Network Riser (CNR) slot.

Integrated I/O: Two PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard – One Serial, One Parallel, One VGA, 4 USB, One LAN Support, Audio Jacks (Mic, Line in, Line Out).

MB uses Award BIOS.