Installing Kohana – Basic Steps

Installing Kohana:

My Server Specs:

PHP Version: 5.2.3

Apache 2.2.15

MySQL 5.0.91-community

Let’s install it:

  1. Downloaded and unzipped Kohana 3.0.7 on my Windows machine
  2. Upload to Server
  3. Edit application/bootstrap.php: Time zone Canada/Pacific, and base_url to appropriate path. By default base_url was set to / . I changed it to /directorywhereiinstalledkohana. (Reference:
  4. Application/logs and cache are 755 by default
  5. Loading was successful. It reports the Environment Tests have passed. Loading reports the same.
  6. Rename install.php
  7. When you load up in your browser, you should see hello, world! message. If you don’t see it, then reload the page in your browser (F5). When I loaded I get the same message of hello, wold! (Renaming install.php in above step is causing this change in behavior which is normal).

Jay Kajavi